Switch To a Pay Per Head Service to Make Your Bookie Operation More Profitable

The first challenge for any bookie to take more action is in getting extra players. However, before they can obtain extra players, they need to make sure they can handle the action both monetarily as well as have the staff and lines to handle the influx of calls. But, realistically, you can probably not install enough operators and lines to ensure everyone gets through all the time, which is why you should use a PPH service.

A pay per head service gives you access to a 24/7 call center that is manned with dozens of operators. Yes, you are sharing this call center with other bookies, but there are more than enough phone lines and operators to ensure that everyone gets through all the time. It would literally cost you thousands every week just to have an operation such as this.

A bonus feature is that players will also now have the option of using the Internet, of which most of them will probably take advantage. By using this feature, they can place their bets discreetly at their convenience. They can even use their smartphones to place bets, ensuring that they have access whether they are at home or on the road.

Now, how about those extra income streams for you? The bookie operation is all yours, but you will now also be able to offer both poker and casino action for your players. Poker is something that your players will find particularly attractive. Compared to the early 2000′s, there are very limited opportunities to play online poker now, something for which most players are itching. Now, you can offer this and make money on the rake they generate on the tables.

You can also use the poker room as a way to lure more players in. For instance, you can offer free-rolls sponsored by your website. Other players on the poker skin will see this and will check out your site. They may contact you to see if they can open up an account so they can enter your free-rolls. You may also choose to offer a free stake in the poker room as a bonus for players at different thresholds in wagering. It gets them to wager more and you make your money back off the rake they generate!

Finally, casino gambling will now be available as well. When your players are bored waiting between the late afternoon games and the Sunday night game, they may choose to log in and spend some time in the casino. From your perspective, this is a no loss situation. If they win, the casino pays them off. If they lose, you get a cut of those losses! Now you have increased the marketability of your bookie operation, increase player count, and increased profits, all because you signed up for a pay per head service!

Benefits Of Finding The Best ISP For Your Business

Running a business is filled with challenging actions and decisions to make, which may affect the enterprise positively or negatively. For your business to run smoothly and be productive, it needs to have systems in place that are efficient. One of the most important areas in your business is telecommunications. You need to be able to have quick data transfer and other processes, so as to run a business that is well-organized, resourceful and competent. Having technology like MPLS will keep your business activities fast and productive. Since internet is an important part of your business, a service provider is useful because they facilitate your business internet functions.

Below are some of the advantages you can get through this:

You get Managed Services: With a dedicated company backing your business, you get a managed service that takes care of all your internet needs. This is important since you do not need to hire a different company to offer you DSL services and another for Satellite Internet.

Fast Internet: You are at an advantage over people who still use modems for their internet activities. You get to have faster communication channels and should a problem occur, there is speedy rectification. Since telecom companies and ISPs are always improving their businesses with new technology, your business benefits by having the best contemporary services. You can also negotiate on the internet speed based on the requirements of your business. This therefore allows your business to have good quality VoIP services and Fast Ethernet.

Access to latest technology: Technology is ever-changing and quite so often, the Ethernet we use evolves to next level. It is therefore important that you give your business the best by engaging in a good telecom vendor. As an individual, you cannot keep track of all that is happening in the technology world. However, this is the ISP’s core business and since the company needs to offer the best services; its services also upgrade with the technology. Your business thus becomes a beneficiary of secure VPN and the best Metro Ethernet services.

Cost Effective: Using an ISP is cost effective as well. There are various packages offered and you get to select one which best fits into your internet budget. The package price will depend on what services your business is interested in acquiring. You also get more services than you bargained for, such as Gigabit Ethernet, since they all came under the price package.

Customer Support: This is one of the most important benefits you get from having an internet service provider. Since they understand that business is not just operated during the day, they provide 24 hour help desks that come in handy when your Point to Point Lines are not efficient or when your connection is slow. With a good ISP, all your queries are answered fast and you get quick problem fixing too.

When looking for internet services vendor, look out for a company that is well established and with operations in various cities. Also make sure that they have competitive prices and a wide array of Ethernet services.

How to Play Backgammon Online

Backgammon is the oldest game known and it is very popular all around the world. In the past you needed a board, dice and gammons. And something else of course – two players sitting and playing against each other.Today, with the development of the internet you no longer need the other player to sit in front of you, he can be playing from the other side of the world, and you can even play against the computer.
Why play on the internet if you can play with a real board and dice?First of all, it doesn’t have to replace each other; actually most of the best online players keep playing the real game. The internet can’t really replace the feeling of throwing the dice or seeing your opponent’s face as you throw yet another double, but the internet can give you what internet gives best- online backgammon, 24 hours a day, without the time being wasted on arranging the game and without thinking where to put the backgammon board when your boss sees you. The fun about playing backgammon online is the availability to play as long as you wish, even for 3 minutes, against players from all over the world.Playing online can even makes you richer- but this is only for the professional players.If you do a survey among the online backgammon players, you would be surprised to learn that most of them play regularly online and rarely offline.Step 1) Choosing the online site-The internet has a wide variety of online sites. We recommend you begin with the big sites who offer backgammon games for fun and not only money. If you don’t speak fluent English, look for a site that has the instructions in your language as well. A quick search in Google will give you the results, just click in and see whether the site looks professional or not, the professional ones will have games for money and for fun, schools, FAQ, support team. If you really are paranoid just fake a question and see if they contact you back. Keeping, at least in the beginning to the big and commercial sites makes you safer and will have more added values later on. Don’t give any credit card details or any other detail except an email, and download the program.Step 2) Learn How to play backgammon-The online backgammon rules are the same as the offline. For those of you who don’t how to play, you can read the article on our site on how to play backgammon and almost any backgammon site has the rules.Most of the professional sites have schools for backgammon; this is a recommended way to learn quickly how to play- the computer shows you which moves are recommended for every dice.Step 3) Playing against a real person-In this stage you play only for FAKE MONEY!After you register, you are awarded with the minimum points. Each time you win a match you earn more points depending on the level of your opponent and the points you agreed before. The player’s level of expertise is determined by his points. The site will offer you free of charge to enter “rooms” and ask players to play with you.Step 4) Playing for real money-You should be well trained before you start playing with your money. It is recommended to play in the backgammon schools in the advance mode, play for fun a lot and learn from other players by observing other matches.The sites accept most of the credit cards since backgammon isn’t considered gambling. The site collects a fee from the winner of each match in percentage and depends on the level of the players, the sums, and the differences between the levels of the players. In other words, basically the fee is higher the bigger difference in the player’s level as an incentive for players to keep to their own league.When you feel you are ready, it’s time to choose an opponent.Beware, although the level of each player is determined by its points, not all is what it seems. Although the points give you a perspective on the level of the player, it can lead to under valuate your opponent. Always remember that even if the best backgammon player in the world is playing, even he as a new player on the site starts with the minimum points and works his way up. In the past, some of the professional players tried to trick other players to play with them by registering under a different name and so starting with minimum points, but today only one player is allowed on each credit card, so rarely will you meet professional backgammon players who borrow their friend’s credit card.If you have more backgammon tips you think should be in the guide, feel free drop us a line.

How to Manage Your Forex Trading Money For Maximum Profit

Before you begin to Forex trading, you need to learn the basics of money management first. One of the things you need to do is to decide how much money you can afford to lose on a single trade, but just as importantly, you need to have a system set up that you decide you’re going to follow when you do your trades.One of the biggest mistakes beginning traders make is that they decide they’re going to try to gamble and try to win the jackpot, but that’s not the way to make true money in Forex trading. Most important is that you make consistently profitable trades with an occasional loss.It’s true that some people do make money if they “gamble” in Forex trading, but most people don’t. If you truly want to be a successful Forex trader with a consistent profit set up, you’ll need to have a system in place that will make you consistent and regular profits, rather than exceptionally large ones on occasion. This way, you don’t have to simply depend on luck; you can actually depend on your own experience and a set protocol to help ensure profitability.Just as with anything else, it’s easier to lose money with Forex trading than it is to make it. For example, you can certainly gamble 50% of what you have set aside on a single trade; it’s also true that you can lose that money. What happens, then, if you lose the other 50% on a next trade? When you gamble, you might often talk about a “winning streak” or “losing streak,” but you don’t want this as a Forex trader. You want to have consistent wins you garner yourself through a system you’ve set up, along with an occasional loss.So instead of thinking like a gambler, think like the casino owner. Make sure that you win more often than you lose. How can you do this?Trade with just a small percentage of what you have set aside for Forex trading. Let’s say that you have starting capital of $10,000. You are going to come out much further ahead over the long run if you only risk 5% of that capital on every trade instead of 10%. Therefore, go for the smaller percentage per trade and simply make more trades. This means that even if you only come out ahead on 70% of your Forex trades, you’ll not only still make an overall profit, but your losses will be much more comfortable and will be much more readily absorbed. This also helps offset the fact that you may very well have 10 losing trades in a row before you have another winning one.Take a look at the chart below to see how utilizing 5% of your bankroll instead of 10% of your bankroll per trade will affect you:10 Percent of Bankroll:Bank – Trade$10,000 – $1,000$9,000 – $900$8,100 – $810$7,290 – $729$6,561 – $656$5,905 – $591$5,314 – $531$4,783 – $478$4,305 – $430$3,874 – $3875 Percent of Bankroll:Bank – Trade$10,000 – $500$9,500 – $475$9,025 – $451$8,574 – $429$8,145 – $407$7,738 – $387$7,351 – $368$6,983 – $349$6,634 – $332$6,302 – $315After 10 losing trades with 10% of your bankroll, you’ll have $3487 left in your account. However, with 5% risked per trade, you’ll have $5,987. This gives you a much greater cushion after each trade to bounce back. Assuming a 70% profitable trade versus 30% losing trade ratio, this means that you should expect to get 10 consecutive losing trades every 1024 trades.If you risk no more than 5% of your bankroll at any one time, you should be able to ride out even significant losing streaks. In addition, if you choose, you can choose to trade with larger margins once your account amounts increase. This will help you post even greater profits (along with proportionately larger losses as well, of course, although overall your profits may significantly increase).One note to make trades easier for you is that if 5% of your current bankroll happens to be an odd number, round down to the nearest convenient number, such as $600 instead of $613. This makes the math easier to keep track of.

An Interesting Proposition

Senate majority leader Bill Frist played his usual form of sneaky partisan politics by attaching an online gaming ban to a defense bill designed to boost security at the nation’s ports last week.The Safe Port Act provides $3.4 billion for U.S. port security. Oh, and by the way, Republicans attached a section making it unlawful for banks to send money to Internet gambling sites.Naturally, the timing was disgustingly suspect with a crucial mid-term election a mere five (5) weeks away.The legislation bans banks and credit card companies from accepting transactions from companies that conduct online gambling. Although it will not target the player, it does call for prison time for those that run online gaming companies (two CEOs have been arrested already). Banks that don’t comply with the bill may also face punishment.The bill passed the House with flying colors last July, meaning that it only awaits the president’s signature before becoming law.PartyGaming, whose shares on the London stock fell a staggering 59% on the news, said in a statement: “If the President signs the act into law, the company will suspend all real money gaming business with U.S. residents, and such suspension will continue indefinitely.”Enter PinnacleSports.com with a proposition that caught my eye.(this line was available as of 10/9/2006 11:00 AM PT)World Series Of Poker: 2007 WSOP Main EventMon 12/4 How many entrants in the 2007 WSOP Main Event?05:00 PM 101 Over 7650 players +114102 Under 7650 players -130A gambler who I respect came to me with this wager as he knows I follow the poker scene rather closely. Immediately, I told him the under was the correct side in this wager.This year’s field featured 8,773 players thanks to droves of amateur players who qualified online. The impact of this legislation is still speculative, but most industry analysts believe that this bill effectively cripples the business model with the inclusion of the term “intermediaries” (meaning money brokers like NetTeller and Fire Pay will be impacted as well).The Under was quickly bet down from even money to -130 and I believe, but was unable to confirm, that the number itself came down slightly as well.In my mind, finding 7,650 poker players to find their own way to Vegas and pony up $10,000 of their own money will be a difficult proposition.

Pros and Cons of Playing in Casinos

When one says the word “gambling”, the very first thing that comes to mind is more or less the casino. Undeniably, the casino, gambling dens, or whatever else you may call them can be easily considered the heart of gambling. It is where people waste away their money on games of chance and have the time of their lives. It’s where people find the rare chance of becoming rich quick, or end up bankrupt trying to win big. It is the place a true gambler’s life can never be complete without.What makes playing in a gambling establishment so attractive? Why of course, gambling in a casino has some advantages that would make you want to play in one instead of taking chances on online games of chance. Here are the benefits one can get from playing in a gambling establishment:1. Lively atmosphere.The casino is often stereotypically pictured with bright neon signs and loud classy music. This is but a hint of what’s inside the typical gambling establishment. Inside, the casino can be very cheerful and lively, with happy crowds complementing the soothing ambient music and toned down lights. For many, this is the sole reason why they should go play in the casino.2. Tons of gaming options.The casino is to gambling adults as the video game arcade is to the gaming youngsters. Like those arcades, a casino features a wide selection of games where you may win or lose, depending on how much Lady Luck favors you. You really won’t get bored as you can easily switch from a game to another.3. Freebies.Casinos love to keep their patrons in. To that extent, the house offers a lot of free stuff for its gamblers, from food and drinks to special bonuses reserved for high rollers. If you’re lucky, you might even be treated to a live show by well-known bands and performers, absolutely free.Casinos sure are fun aren’t they? That however doesn’t mean that they are all fun and excitement. Like everything beautiful, playing in casinos also has its own shortcomings. Such are as follows:1. It’s easy to lose track of your time. And your money.Those who have been in casinos can tell you that you’ll find it hard to keep track of your time while inside a gambling establishment. Since there are intentionally no time indicators, it’s easy to find yourself coming in after lunch then leave past dinner time, to your surprise. As such length of time has been mostly used for gambling, you can just imagine how much money you’ve lost.2. You may find it hard to leave.Casinos do all sorts of tricks to keep you from leaving, and most of the time, they simply succeed. Gambling establishments have all sorts of subtle and blatant ways to urge you to keep on playing and paying. The d├ęcor, the music, the ambience and all the good stuff have a lot to do with this.3. You are encouraged to spend.There’s a reason why a casino’s game tables and machines look so attractive. This is to encourage you to keep on spending on them. Casinos tend to play with the gambler’s psyche, encourage customers to play on games that favor the house most. They are mostly successful with this, which is why, as per the previous item, you are discouraged from leaving.Like everything else in this world, gambling in a casino has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Everyone who has been in such a place would immediately recognize that. Thus, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons before heading to a casino. Ask yourself: Will you benefit off the advantages of playing in a casino, or end up vulnerable to the contrary?

Winning Blackjack – Some Simple Exercises to Learn Card Counting

The house edge at blackjack runs about 0.5%, which is extremely low compared to other casino games, but an experienced card counter can gain a 1% edge over the casino. Card counting is not illegal, but casinos may refuse to allow card counters to gamble at their tables. In the online casinos the cards are “shuffled” by the software after every hand, so the advantage card counting offers can only be used at land-based casinos. In spite of these two drawbacks many professional and amateur gamblers develop card counting skill and profit from it.The object of card counting is to determine if the shoe is loaded with high cards (ten-value cards and aces) or loaded with low cards (2 through 6). This information helps the player size his bets because a shoe rich in high cards favors the player, while a shoe rich in low cards favors the dealer. When a lot of high cards have been played, the remaining deck contains an excess of low cards, which will help the dealer turn stiffs (12, 13, 14, 15, or 16) into winning hands. The opposite is also true: a deck rich in high cards will cause the dealer to bust as he draws to his stiffs. The rules require the dealer to hit his stiffs even if the deck is rich in high cards that will bust him; of course the player may draw to his stiffs or not as he sees fit.On the surface card counting appears to be difficult to master but with a few simple exercises and a lot of practice you can become quite good at it. The first thing you must decide is what counting system you will use. A simple system counts plus 1 as cards favorable to the player (the five low cards – 2 through 6) are played and counts minus 1 as ten-value cards and aces appear. Keep a running count, and if the count grows higher and the remaining cards become favorable, the size of your bets increases.Here are five exercises to get you started on the road to becoming an expert card counter. Master each exercise thoroughly before going on to the next one.Exercise 1: Start with a standard deck of 52 cards. Turn the cards over one at a time and say the individual values out loud. As you build up your speed remember accuracy is more important than speed. Repeat this exercise until you can go through the deck in under twenty seconds.Exercise 2: Remove any three cards from the deck so you can check your final number and now keep a running count as you turn over the cards. Say the running count out loud. Check your final count number against the three cards you pulled out. Set your goal again at twenty seconds.Exercise 3: Put the cards away and practice counting forward and backward by twos out loud. Concentrate especially on the odd numbers: 11, 9, 7, 5, 3; and don’t forget the minus numbers: -5, -3, -1, +1, +3.Exercise 4: Repeat exercise 1 but turn over two cards at a time saying the total out loud.Exercise 5: Repeat exercise 2 but turn over two cards at a time.Couple card counting with money management and you will have a system for winning at blackjack at the brick-and-mortar casinos.While there are many reputable card-counting systems available, see my website to get an idea of other aids to help you learn to win at blackjack.

Advantages of Gambling Online

Only a few years ago, if you wanted to gamble you had to head to a gambling town like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. If these options weren’t available to you then you just had to use whatever ‘resources’ you could find locally – which tended to be somewhat illicit if you could find them! Nowadays gambling is an international pastime and casinos, card rooms, and bingo halls can be found in every county and country in the world.Given that such widespread gambling is a relatively new phenomenon, many gamblers question the reasoning for internet gambling. Some feel that online gambling lacks the excitement, sociability and regulation of land-based casinos. While online gambling does have some limitations, it does have an awful lot to offer.Many online games offer players higher average payout schedules and a wider range of betting limits. Players can also check to see which games are paying out the most, switch between many different types of sports – horse racing, slots, poker, bingo, and learn how to play new games (without money bets) in the privacy of their home, before unleashing themselves on unsuspecting fellow players for money!Online players often get better odds than they would find in ‘real’ casinos. A prime example of this is in roulette – the American roulette wheel has 38 numbered slots: 1 to 36, a zero and a double-zero, which gives the house edge 5.26 percent. However internet sites also offer the European version of roulette, which has only 37 slots: 1 to 36 plus a zero, which gives a more favourable-to-the-punter house edge of 2.7 percent. It is a similar story with slots, in that online casinos offer higher average payouts than real casinos. You can also check out each site’s monthly payout percentages for each type of game, giving you an even greater advantage.There are ‘play for free’ options on nearly every game online. These give beginners and more experienced players the opportunity to ready or better themselves without risking any money that can be better spent when you really know what you’re doing in the game.All prizes from online casinos are money! Land-based casinos offer free meals etc, but online you are guaranteed money prizes which include sign up bonuses, match bonuses, high roller bonuses, player coupons and VIP clubs, and there is always something on offer for new and returning players.While poker, casino games and sports betting on events like the Grand National are the most common form of gambling online, there are lots of other forms of betting – keno, horse racing, lotteries, chess, pool – you name it and you will be able to bet on it online.Internet gambling is extremely convenient – you can gamble from home, during your lunch break, on a train journey…. anywhere that has internet access. Not only that, there is also a never ending stream of tournament action. Some gamblers don’t like the idea of online gambling as they fear that they will be alone with no access to assistance. However, all reputable sites have hosts which provide exceptional customer care, the most popular of which is live chat and /or emails. As well as the hosts for information, many sites have message boards or chat rooms, where you can make friends and receive invaluable advice and tips from other players.